[syslog-ng] value-pairs and sdata

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Sun May 22 00:20:56 CEST 2011

>> Here's what I propose:
>>   * let's use the underscore for now, key rewrite functions will come
>> soon anyway.
>>   * let's solve the performance concerns by doing the initial dot ->
>> underscore translation in libmongo-client, which is in a better position
>> to do that, it really doesn't make sense to use initial dots for any
>> future libmongo-client users anyway. That way we can do it without
>> having to copy the value name.
> We've talked about this earlier, and I spent the night brooding about
> this, and while it would be easy to do this in libmongo-client, I'm
> reluctant to do so, because it feels too much like second guessing the
> user. LMC is reasonably simple, and the lower level functions
> syslog-ng's afmongodb uses from it are like the bare metal. I really
> wouldn't want to add transformations like this there.

Another reason not to do transformations in libmongo-client: None of the
other mongodb drivers I checked do that: they either return an error
(the offical C driver does this), raise an exception (python, ruby), or
leave it up to the database to fail (c++, and perl, as far as I saw).

Since none of the official drivers do transformation either, I wouldn't
like libmongo-client to do it, either. Not by default anyway. I can be
convinced to do .->_ mapping when 'safe mode' is enabled. (But that
assumes that afmongodb will be updated to use the higher level API
provided by LMC, which supports this safe mode flag)


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