[syslog-ng] Package for Mandriva distribution

Guillaume Rousse Guillaume.Rousse at inria.fr
Tue Nov 9 14:43:14 CET 2010

Le 08/11/2010 18:12, Yann I. a écrit :
> Hello list !
> I'm looking for the package "syslog-ng 3.1.2" for Mandriva but I can't
> find it. Do you where I can find that package ?
It doesn't exist anymore. The latest stable version (2010.1) has
syslog-ng 3.1.1, while the development version (cooker) has switched to

If you really want the 3.1.2, you have to rebuild the previous package
from mandriva subversion repository (http://svn.mandriva.com).
BOFH excuse #175:

OS swapped to disk

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