[syslog-ng] queue management

Eric Snow esnow at verio.net
Mon Mar 29 17:43:27 CEST 2010


That is spot on.  Thanks so much for taking the time on this.  A tool like this would be very helpful!


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Hi Eric,

On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 12:12 -0500, Eric Snow wrote:
> If disk based buffering allows me to yank the message at the front of the queue, 
> so that it doesn't hold up the ones behind it, then yes that is what I want.  
> The statistics and ability to look at the queue are good, but I need to be able 
> to manipulate the queue.  

I'm writing up this as a feature request to our current syslog-ng
backlog. So far I've ended up with this short description:

* explicitly remove items from the beginning of a queue (cancel
messages) via some kind of query

* stall and restart queueing on a given destination
  * administrative stop of a given destination while messages build up
  * administrative start of a given destination
  * use case: process spooled messages only during a configured

Does the above cover your requirements? Do you have anything else to

> OR
> I need to be able to have some form of exception handling in my syslog-ng configuration.  
> Something that will catch a failure in a log and allow me to handle that failure intelligently.

Your exact use case would help here as well.

Thanks in advance.


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