[syslog-ng] Problem with sql destination

Patrick H. syslogng at feystorm.net
Thu Mar 18 15:53:08 CET 2010

If you configure a destination for the 'syslog' facility, syslog-ng will 
use this to spit out its error messages. If something is going wrong 
with the sql, it'll log it there. Just add a "filter f_syslog { 
facility(syslog); };" and put it out to a file somewhere (oh, with a 
source internal() as well).

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Subject: [syslog-ng] Problem with sql destination
> Hi all,
> I want to insert logs directly to mysql database,
> I am using two destinations one is a file(for testing purposes) and 
> the second is sql. Logs are written to file but not sql destination. I 
> couldn't find the problem because don't know where to look.
> The configuration file is attached.
> thanks in advance.
> // ps.
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