[syslog-ng] Compiling with SQL Support

Gene Matusovsky gene at cv.net
Wed Mar 10 05:14:07 CET 2010

I have all these files, except the dbd.pc & dbi.pc files are missing...Now
how do I tell ./configure script to use my DBI, DBD files and libraries? 
Gene M.

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You need files aside from the libraries. These will be files that end in .la
or .a. (like on our dev box, theyre /usr/lib64/libdbi.a and
/usr/lib64/libdbi.la). If your os doesnt provide a libdbi devel package, you
will need to download and build the source yourself.

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How do I compile SYSLOG-NG with SQL support? I run ./configure --enable-sql
option, but the configure script wasn't able to find my libdbi and libdbd
It looks like the libdbi and libdbd authors do not supply .pc files.
I see that my libdbi libraries were successfully installed in /usr/local/lib
and libdbd libraries were successfully installed /usr/local/lib/dbd
How do I tell the configure script to use these libraries? 
Should I create .pc files for libdbi and libdbd and put them in my
-Thanks for any suggestions,
Gene Matusovsky



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