[syslog-ng] commit with the oracle sql driver

Patrick H. syslogng at feystorm.net
Sat Mar 6 21:12:09 CET 2010

Yes, I signed the CLA and sent it in to info at balabit.com (thats where 
the instructions say to send it).
I also put it all in a bug report 

I ended up not doing anything with prepared statements as the only way 
to do so without ripping out the libdbi driver and replacing it with one 
that has prepared statements built is to do server side prepared 
statements. I was originally considering this before I found a little 
oracle setting that you can set when you establish a session 
(cursor_sharing=force, basically recognizes that a query is the same as 
a previous one, so it doesnt have to do permission checks and all that 
stuff every time). But to support that I had to add a setting which will 
run a specified statement when a new session is established.

But anyway, the bug report has all the full details on the changes.

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Subject: Re: [syslog-ng] commit with the oracle sql driver
> On Tue, 2010-03-02 at 16:59 -0700, Patrick H. wrote:
>> Followup. I finished adding flush_lines and flush_timeout to the sql
>> driver. They do what you'd expect, a commit after X number of lines or
>> X seconds.
>> I also fixed a bug that was causing a "." (dot) in the table name to
>> be replaced by an underscore (dots are fully valid in oracle as they
>> denote schema-table separation).
>> I'm starting on converting the code over to using bind variables as
>> well. The performance difference between plain text queries and
>> prepared statements is very large. Especially since we'll be doing
>> hundreds of inserts per second.
>> One of the users in the IRC channel suggested I ask about any
>> licensing issues. Not sure what exactly since the syslog-ng code is
>> GPL, but figured I'd ask anyway.
>> If all is kosher, once all my changes are complete, I can send a patch
>> file.
> I'd really love to integrate your patches and until my plugins efforts
> is not complete we require you to sign a contributory license agreement,
> just like MySQL did [1].
> Once my plugins work will be done, we'd go towards a common core under
> the GPL, without having to sign the CLA and commercial plugins for our
> premium edition. This would:
>   1) be better and easier for contributors because they can retain all
> their rights
>   2) be better for us, not having to maintain two independent branches
> of syslog-ng (which is right now about 6 branches: syslog-ng PE,
> syslog-ng OSE, syslog-ng Store Box, with 1-3 currently supported
> versions from each)
> Hopefully I can finish the plugin support in 3.2, but I'd like to
> integrate your patches earlier if you are willing to sign the CLA.
> [1] I don't really know what's up with MySQL these days, after being
> purchased by Sun and then by Oracle.
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>> From: Patrick H. <syslogng at feystorm.net>
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>> Subject: [syslog-ng] commit with the oracle sql driver 
>>> So, extensive googling has failed me on this. I'm using the sql
>>> driver to output to an oracle database, with debugging mode, I can
>>> see that the insert queries are indeed being executed, however my
>>> tables remain empty.
>>> I've been through the source code, and it doesnt look like a commit
>>> is being performed anywhere. Though my google efforts, I did find
>>> one reference where someone patched the libdbi-drivers oracle driver
>>> to do a commit on success after every query, but that is insanely
>>> expensive (and ugly).
>>> I have started modifying the code to add the flush_lines and
>>> flush_timeout option to the sql driver. But before I got too carried
>>> away, I was wondering why this is the way it is the way it is, or if
>>> I'm missing something.
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