[syslog-ng] composing file names with system varible

Patrick H. syslogng at feystorm.net
Wed Mar 3 15:10:04 CET 2010

Look at 
http://www.balabit.com/dl/guides/syslog-ng-v3.0-guide-admin-en.pdf in 
the "macros" section. You can use variables inside the file() statement. 
It even has an example doing exactly what youre wanting to do.

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Subject: [syslog-ng] composing file names with system varible
> Hi,
> i've on my machine file with some name, for example:
> # cat /var/hostname
> smeagol
> now i want to have log files like this:
> /var/log/smeagol-all.log
> if i change content of /var/hostname and then restart syslog-ng,
> syslog-ng shoud start logging to files with new name.
> is it possible? mabye no directly but with some workaround?
> regards,
> p.
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