[syslog-ng] keep_timestamp() and use_time_recvd() equivalent?

Craig Bell Craig.Bell at standard.com
Thu Dec 9 20:23:51 CET 2010

  Q: Is option keep_timestamp(no) reasonably equivalent to use_time_recvd(yes)?

  Background: We recently upgraded from OSE v2.1 to v3.1.2.  This went well, but our global options include the deprecated  use_time_recvd().  We see this advisory on startup:

  > Your configuration file uses an obsoleted keyword, please update your configuration; keyword='use_time_recvd', change='Use R_ or S_
prefixed macros in templates'

  We don't modify the default templates, so adding these for the first time wouldn't be my first choice.  Instead, can I simply use global option keep_timestamp(no) as a replacement?   I looked around for advice, but didn't see anything obvious.

  Thanks in advance!   -cheers, CSB

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