[syslog-ng] Extra Lines Truncated

Sandor Geller Sandor.Geller at morganstanley.com
Wed Dec 1 21:17:45 CET 2010

Embedded newlines violate the traditional BSD syslog protocol so
syslog-ng treats newlines as terminators so the next line would be in
a new logmessage without timestamp, hostname, facility / priority,

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 8:54 PM, Ian Lesperance <ianl at ezpublishing.com> wrote:
> When logging multiline messages (simple strings with in-line newlines) our
> logs only show the first line.  Everything after the first newline character
> is gone.
> We're on 3.0.5 and we don't seem to be using the no_multi_line option
> anywhere.  What else could explain this behavior?
> Ian
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