[syslog-ng] Process stored logs

Patrick H. syslogng at feystorm.net
Thu Apr 22 19:26:59 CEST 2010

The log_fifo_size variable controls how many messages the output buffer 
will hold. So if server Z is relaying to A, and A goes down, Z will 
start storing messages in this buffer. Unfortunately there is no way to 
say 'if destination A fails, log to destination A2 (which may be a file 
output or something) instead'. The premium version does support 
disk-based buffering though, so that if log_fifo_size fills up, it'll 
start writing out to a disk based file instead.

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Subject: [syslog-ng] Process stored logs
> I'm building an infra across the geo's to collect logs at a central repository. I have set up syslog-ng  in 3 geo's (say for e.g X, Y, Z) to collect logs form servers in respective Geo. A forurth server (say for eg. A)  where the logs are forwarded from the 3 log servers to aggregate all the logs from all GEO's.
> The problem where I fail to understand is, if my aggregator server (A) goes down, how do i process my stored logs on (X,) (Y), (Z), so that i do not loose any logs during my downtime.
> Is it possible to process backlog of logs on the server or do i have to change my infra so that i do not loose these logs?
> Thanks
> Noel (hsxtrt)
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