[syslog-ng] bugzilla items not forwarded to this list

Balazs Scheidler bazsi at balabit.hu
Wed Apr 14 21:57:33 CEST 2010

On Tue, 2010-04-13 at 12:59 -0400, Christopher Barry wrote:
> > Isn't this a little spammy? Perhaps a "dev" mailing list would be a 
> I second that idea. A -dev would be the best way to distribute bugzilla
> ticket status.

Well, is it really that spammy? We had about 80 tickets in the last 2.5
half years. This gateway used to work this way for most of this time,
only recently was it broken.

I guesstimate that we had at most 300 bugzilla mails in 2.5 years.
That's about 1 every 3 days on average.

If we push bugzilla to a -dev list, then reports there would get less
visibility, making it easier to just send bugreports to the list. Also,
I find it useful to know that there's a bug lurking somewhere, even if
you are not affected.

Nevertheless, I got two comments who supported the idea of creating a
separate -dev list, I can do that if need to be. But before doing that
I'd like to clarify the aims of the dev list.

Apart from bugzilla mail, what discussions should be moved to the dev

* I frequently post patches here in response to user requests
* Sometimes I feel I need to explain some things in response to a user
request that describes code (for example: you can find this code here
and there, where you can tweak it)

Currently I don't feel that the list traffic is overwhelming (10-15
messages daily) and until it becomes irritating I would vote against
separating discussions to a separate -dev list.

What I saw in other projects, is that this separation is performed when
the number of support questions become so large that developers would
prefer to ignore that, and I wouldn't want to move off the "user" list.

So what is your opinion? Please respond

  1) create a separate "dev" list as proposed and keep the current list
for user questions
  2) create a separate "bugs" list, only to have bugzilla mail
  3) don't do anything, bugzilla mail is fine here
  4) stop bugzilla mail altogether

I would propose #3 right now and we had two suggestion for #1, but I'd
like to gather more opinions in the light of the questions I've asked

I've set up a simple doodle based poll here:


Please respond there, so it is easier to collect the responses. Lance,
Christopher, please also add your opinion to the Doodle poll. Thanks.


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