[syslog-ng] problem with matching IP address and \d regex operand

Phil.Newlon at wendysarbys.com Phil.Newlon at wendysarbys.com
Fri Oct 30 17:02:08 CET 2009

Martin -

> in short, what do you need the Kiwi servers for?

The (8) Kiwi boxes terminate Kiwi Secure Tunnel connections from 1450
locations, where the 9000 devices reside.  I've thought about sending the
streams from the Kiwis directly to the Envision boxes, but I never know
which Kiwi the stream from location 1234 will come from so I will not know
which RSA it will end up in. (The F5s distribute the connections, the
originating systems reboot every night, who knows where the tunnel will end
up from one day to another.)  We cannot exceed 3500 individual devices on
the RSAs, so we have to be able to explicitly control the streams, thus
syslog-ng :-)

All I DO know is that the originating IP is always in the syslog message,
so if I can match on a characteristic that will evenly split the streams I
am good to go.



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