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Fri May 8 22:24:02 CEST 2009

PACKAGE             : syslog-ng
VERSION             : 3.0.2
SUMMARY             : new stable release
DATE                : May 8, 2009


  A new stable version of syslog-ng Open Source Edition (3.0.2) has been
  released. For latest fixes in the 3.0.x branch you are recommended to
  upgrade to this version.


	Thu, 07 May 2009 08:30:06 +0200

	* This release is the first to feature binary packages, installation
	  packages for various platforms.

	* Only assume that a source logfile was rotated if the new log file
          has a non-zero size. This fix solves a minor race which might
	  cause some messages to be lost from the end of the old logfile.
	* Fixed the processing of the -u and -g command line options to set
	  the user/group of the syslog-ng process. Previously all usernames
	  were rejected as non-existant.
	* Resolve usernames before chrooting, to avoid the need to have an
	  /etc/passwd & /etc/group inside the chroot.
	* Fixed the read rate of regular files, with the change in this
	  release it is now possible to fully saturate a destination pipe by
	  using plain text files.
	* Fixed a synchronization problem in the SQL destination on AIX
	  causing random crashes when the SQL destination is used.
	* Make the "syslog" reserved word usable as a facility name,
	  previously syslog-ng indicated a syntax error if syslog as a
	  facility was not enclosed in quotation marks.
	* Don't write the pidfile in case only a syntax check was requested.
	* Fixed compilation problems if SSL support is not enabled.
	* Set the default fd limit to 256 on cygwin as that platform does
	  not support the current default of 4096 used on all other
	* Fixed template expansion for non-inline templates defined using
	  the template statement.
	* Fixed the handling of zero-sized packets in the udp() source.
	* Fixed the storing of regexp/db-parser() matches on big-endian, 32
	  bit CPUs.
	* Fixed character conversion in case one chunk of data has an
	  incomplete sequence at the end.
	* Don't let the character conversion eat up unlimited memory to
          avoid an easy DoS condition.
	* Fixed SSL certificate validation, added X.509 policy check, fixed
	  required-untrusted verify-mode and added basicConstraints
	* Fixed /dev/klog handling on FreeBSD, syslog-ng attempted to open
	  this device multiple times which is not permitted.
	* Fixed $TZOFS expansion in templates in case the target does not
	  specify a conversion timezone (which is the default and is true in
	  most cases).
	* Fixed the use of multiple SQL destinations, previously due to an
	  initialization problem only the first SQL destination would ever
	  start writing messages to the target database.
	* If you elected to use a host-file only name resolution, the check
	  to see if the hosts file was changed was performed for each DNS
	  resolution, causing a major performance drop. This was fixed.
	* Due to a typo in the configuration file parser, using SSL
	  destinations always resulted in a segmentation fault. This was
	* Fixed counting the number of concurrent connections in the
	  SSL enabled tcp() source, previously failing handshakes were
	  counted, thus it is quite easy to reach the max-connection limit.
	* Clarified logging about connection rejected by
	  /etc/hosts.deny & /etc/hosts.allow
	* HP-UX 11v3 compilation fixes
	* Fixed SOURCEIP expansion for IPv6 addresses.
	* Fixed match(type(string)) not to match the message in case only a
	  prefix match was found.
	* Fixed capability setup code around file opens.

	Other changes:
	* Implemented 'store-legacy-msghdr' source flag which keeps the
	  original value of MSGHDR intact, instead of parsing/rebuilding it
	  at the cost of some performance penalty.
	* Implemented 'empty-lines' source flag to avoid dropping empty log
	  messages which is the default behaviour.
	* Added support for file includes in the configuration file.
	* Allow follow_freq() to be a floating point number.
	* Cygwin packaging fixes.
	* Make it possible to create named pipes automatically in the pipe()
	* Allow the use of macros in the filename of pipe() destinations.
	* Added support for setting the default priority/facility value for
	  each source that get applied to messages that lack one.
	* Recognize "mssql" as an alias for "freetds" in the SQL
	* Added the "greedy" flags to the csv-parser(): it makes the last
	  column eat the complete end of the line without caring about
	  column separation characters
	* Added the "drop-invalid" flag to the csv-parser() which makes the
	  parser drop anything that has less columns than it expects to
	* Make it possible to use fractions of a second even in non-ISO
	* The default values for SQL columns is being deprecated, please
	  supply SQL schema information explicitly in your SQL destinations.
	  A warning message was added in case you don't have a full schema
	  and rely on the default values.
	* The SQL destination got a null() option that specifies a 'special'
	  value for a column which get replaced by an SQL NULL.
	* Added local_timezone() option to file/sql destinations that
	  control the timezone used when expanding the filename/tablename
	  templates. It defaults to the local timezone.

	Configure changes:
	* This section lists changes that might affect distribution
	  packages, please make sure that these changes do not break the
	  syslog-ng packages in any way.
	* Changed the default value of pidfiledir to ${localstatedir} to
	  match GNU conventions, you can specify it explicitly with a
	  --with-pidfile-dir configure option.
	* Changed the default linking mode to "dynamic" to make it easier to
	  compile syslog-ng, as most distributions prefer dynamic libraries
	  over static ones. This means that syslog-ng might not be able to
	  start up if /usr is on NFS. On platforms where syslog-ng is used
	  as a system logger, the previous setting of --enable-mixed-linking
	  is preferred.

	Loggen changes:
	* the sequence number and timestamping of generated messages were
	  erroneously commented out, these were reverted.
	* do not allow message sizes that are larger than the predefined
	  message buffer size.
	* in addition to reporting the number of messages/sec, also report
	  the effective bandwidth used during testing.

	Test suite changes:
	* A lot of enhancements to the functional test program to cover more
	  of the syslog-ng code, like SSL sources & SQL destinations.


  You can download the latest binaries from:


  The latest versions of syslog-ng in source format can be found at:


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