[syslog-ng] syslog-ng OSE and oracle sql() driver

Crowder, Steven D. sdcrowder at liberty.edu
Fri May 1 15:35:08 CEST 2009

I don't think the first one made it through.

According to the page here:

It says that the syslog-ng OSE has "Direct database access", however I have run into a few problems with both the precompiled OSE 3.0HEAD package and compiling from source.

The binary package simply logs to /var/log/messages that it doesn't know about an "oracl" DBI driver.  I thought that maybe I had to setup the ORACLE_HOME and other env vars and it would fix this, but no dice.

Then I tried compiling from source (syslog-ng_3.0.1).  It complains that it cannot find dbi.h.

I know that the the PE version of syslog-ng will allow direct oracle access based on the documentation, but it appears that this is supposed to work in OSE as well based on the page listed above.

If this is just an error, and there's no way that the OSE can have "Direct" database access, I understand, I just want to check first.


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