[syslog-ng] apache : logs, named pipes

Patrice Levesque syslog-ng.wayne at ptaff.ca
Tue Jun 23 16:57:12 CEST 2009

> The ErrorLog directory can direct entries to syslog, but the others
> (access log, rewrite log etc) cannot.  You would need some custom
> scripting.

You can invoke trickery-pokery; pipe directly to `logger` or whatever
script you prefer:

Or else, create a named pipe, write your logs to it (configure AccessLog
as if it were a real file), and write a Syslog-NG source blurb to pull
logs from it using pipe().  Should you want to try this, make sure
Syslog-NG is restarted _before_ apache so that the named pipe has a
reader (if not, apache will hang at start).

        Patrice Levesque
        syslog-ng.wayne at ptaff.ca
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