[syslog-ng] Cannot find init.d.AIX in contrib folder

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Network based services on AIX can be started in the config-file called

You  can simply add the startup command there:

/usr/local/sbin/syslog-ng -f /etc/syslog-ng.conf


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On Thu, 2009-01-22 at 15:39 +0530, Chanchal Verma wrote:
> Hi, 
> I am building syslog-ng-2.1.3 on AIX 5.1. I compiled it successfully
> and tool is working fine. I am in process to automate the start
> script. I cannot find init.d.AIX script in
> <..>/syslog-ng-2.1.3/contrib folder. It is available for other OS
> (solaris, SunOS,HP-UX,RedHat..). 
> The startup script which I have created is not 100% compliance with
> the AIX OS. Like syslog-ng is running on server and it is still
> showing status 'inoperative' as Subsystem status. 
> I need startup script for AIX OS. 
> Any help will be highly appreciated. 

If I remember correctly then AIX has a service manager and you can
register syslog-ng directly with that without having a separate script.
Just be sure to use the -F option for syslog-ng to avoid it going to the


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