[syslog-ng] Getting named pipes to work

Mike Rykowski rykowski at northwestern.edu
Mon Jan 12 17:25:33 CET 2009


I'm new to syslog-ng and trying to get named pipes to work. I'm running
version 2.0.2. I get the following messages in the log on start up:

Jan 12 10:09:02 netlog-e0 netlog syslog-ng[11791]: syslog-ng starting
up; version='2.0.2'
Jan 12 10:09:02 netlog-e0 netlog syslog-ng[11791]: Error opening file
for writing; filename='/var/log/netlog/sec-pipe', error='No such file or
directory (2)'

In my conf file I have:

destination dst_sec { pipe("/var/log/netlog/sec-pipe")};

On the host I have the pipe setup as:

prw-r--r--    1 syslog-ng syslog-ng        0 Jan 12 10:05 sec-pipe

The syslog-ng process is run with user 'syslog-ng'. So I added the owner
and group options for the pipe command and set them to syslog-ng and
that resulted in the same message.

Any ideas?

Mike Rykowski
NU-IT Telecommunications and Network Services

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