[syslog-ng] YACC Stack Overflow

Cauchi, Geoffrey, VF-MT Geoffrey.Cauchi at vodafone.com
Tue Jan 6 14:05:36 CET 2009


I am using syslog version 2.0.8 and all is running well.  I am using it
to log a number of Cisco devices.  Recently I tried to add an additional
number of devices that I would like to have their syslog sent to the
Syslog-NG server.
This is the syntax used in the config file:

destination CAT1 { file("/var/log/switches/CAT1/log.txt" dir_perm(0755)

filter f_filter73   { netmask(;};

log { source(s_udp); filter(f_filter73); destination(CAT1); };

However, when I restart syslog-ng I get the following error:
Stopping syslog-ng: [OK]
Starting syslog-ng: yacc stack overflow at 314

YACC is complaining of a stack overflow.  Syslog-ng is running on Fedora
Core 8.  Did anyone encounter this problem before?  Any help would be

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