[syslog-ng] underscore issue

Stefan Varga Stefan_Varga at tempest.sk
Mon Jan 5 10:10:32 CET 2009

Hi all,

I'm using syslog-ng 2.0.9 as a central logging server with destination 
like this:
destination r_messages   { file 
("/logpool/logs/$DAY$MONTH$YEAR/$HOST_$DAY$MONTH$YEAR$_$HOUR");     };

But I get this:
#ls /logpool/logs/05012009

HOST is not expanded and _  before $HOUR is missing . What is special 
about underscore ?

While using
destination r_messages   { file 
("/logpool/logs/$DAY$MONTH$YEAR/$HOST-$DAY$MONTH$YEAR$-$HOUR");     };
everything is fine:

# ls  /logpool/logs/05012009/

I would prefer to use an underscore if I could.
Thank you,

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