[syslog-ng] Problems with syslog-ng

Jain, Vaibhav (GE Healthcare) Vaibhav.Jain at ge.com
Fri Aug 28 07:53:17 CEST 2009


Can anybody help me?


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I am using syslog-ng open source 3.0.3-1 ( rhel5.amd64) version. I need
your help on following problems :-

1) If Network is down then how does syslog-ng client and server handles
the log messages ?

2) If Syslog-ng client is down then how does it handles the log messages

3) If Syslog-ng server is down then how does it handles the log messages

4) If log file got rotated then how does syslog-ng reads the log ?

If these feature are not present in the syslog-ng open source then let
me know how to implement it (just give me a basic idea.) 

Note: I know disk buffer is available only in syslog-ng premium version.
But please suggest some other way to do this. Because I don't have
premium version. 


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