[syslog-ng] freebsd /dev/klog logging

chris packham chris.packham at alliedtelesis.co.nz
Wed Aug 26 06:14:45 CEST 2009

Well if it helps my Linux system uses /proc/kmsg (instead of /dev/klog). 
Have you tried using unix-stream("/dev/klog") instead of "file"?
>>> Jan Schaumann <jschauma at netmeister.org> 8/26/2009 2:40 PM >>> 

I seem to have problems getting any messages from /dev/klog when using
syslog-ng 3.0.3.  My syslog-ng.conf file looks like this:


template t_default {
        template("${DATE} <${FACILITY}.${PRIORITY}> ${HOST} ${MSG}\n");

destination d_tmp {


source s_klog {

log {   


I have a kernel module that just calls log(9) to generate a message on
/dev/klog.  It loads fine, and the message does appear in the dmesg(8),
but nothing is written to /var/log/klog.

Likewise, messages from ipfw(8) do not show up in that file.

I'm quite sure I'm missing something... but what?

Many thanks in advance,

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