[syslog-ng] Milliseconds in timestamp and black magic

Sergei Zhirikov sfzhi at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 21 21:19:30 CEST 2009


I'm observing something mysterious with milliseconds in timestamps.
I set frac_digits() in the global options and then I have a rewriter and 
a template. Something like this:

options { frac_digits(3); };

source s { internal(); }

rewrite r { set("$ISODATE", value("MYDATE")); };

template t { template("$ISODATE ($MYDATE) $HOST $MSGHDR$MESSAGE\n"); };

destination d { file("/var/log/test.log" template(t)); };

log { source(s); rewrite(r); destination(d); };

To my total surprise the expanded value of $ISODATE in the log file 
contains fraction part, but the value of $MYDATE does not! Aren't they 
supposed to be the same because of the rewrite rule? Or am I doing 
something wrong? (I'm using syslog-ng 3.0.4 on Linux).

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