[syslog-ng] Logfile Rotation

Sergei Zhirikov sfzhi at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 18 21:59:28 CEST 2009

Jain, Vaibhav (GE Healthcare) wrote:
> I am using syslog-ng to collect the logs from different machines. I want 
> to configure the log rotation policy. I want to know How to configure 
> the log rotation policy? Does syslog-ng supports it? is there any 
> relation between syslog-ng and log rotation ?
> I was searching it on google and I found one example ( given below ). i 
> want to know what is the role of syslog-ng in log rotation ? I think log 
> rotataion is not part of syslog-ng features. Can you please suggest me 
> the best way for log rotation?


Personally I prefer to arrange log rotation based on the file size 
rather than some fixed time interval, so I have added that feature to 
syslog-ng. If anyone is interested I can explain in more details and 
post the patch.


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