[syslog-ng] program destination problem (again...)

Fegan, Joe Joe.Fegan at hp.com
Thu Aug 13 11:47:53 CEST 2009

In "ps -elf" do you see your script? Does the pid stay the same as time advances, or does it change (which would mean it's exiting and being replaced with a new instance by syslog-ng automatically). You could add a start and end marker to see if it's starting at all and if/when it's exiting. Like:

echo "$0 started `date`" >> /tmp/debug.log
while read line ; do
echo $line >> /tmp/testlog
echo "$0 exited `date`" >> /tmp/debug.log

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hi there,

i know this is been discussed like a million times already but i'm
stuck and can't get around this.

i'm using a program destination in my syslog-ng config, like this:
destination test_log { file("/var/log/testlog"); };
destination sshd_alerts {
program("/usr/local/bin/ssh_alert_by_email.sh" template("$DATE $HOST

filter sshd { program("sshd"); };
filter login_accepted { match("Accepted password|Accepted publickey"); };

log {

and the script as follows:

while read line ; do
echo $line >> /tmp/testlog

that's it,  it logs to the destination(test_log) but the script does nothing.

i followed a similar thread:

and the script works well interactively in the shell. I think i hit a
dead end here... btw version 2.0.9

Alberto Sierra
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