[syslog-ng] solaris install [was:RE: Syslog-ng - UDP templates]

Geller, Sandor (IT) Sandor.Geller at morganstanley.com
Fri Sep 12 11:33:14 CEST 2008


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> Bazsi,
> Please, help me
> I'm several times try install syslog-ng-2.1.1 downloaded from your
> website.
> I did all command regarding Procedure 4.6 for Solaris 10 in the
> syslog-ng Admin Guide

No, you didn't... That section contains information about the
Premium Edition only.

> Attached is output from command:
> ./configure
> Make
> Make install
> But when I try founded etc directory and another directories I cannot
> found it's.
> Please, check attached files and let me know what I need to do.

1. mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/syslog-ng
2. create the syslog-ng.conf configfile in the directory above
 (you can find examples in the contrib directory, however please
 note that the syslog door location has changed so instead of
 /etc/.syslog_door use /var/run/syslog_door)
3. start syslog-ng: /usr/local/sbin/syslog-ng

There isn't a Solaris package created by default, so pkginfo
won't display anything unless you download and install the
precompiled Soalris package. AFAIK you need to have a support
contract to access the binaries.



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