[syslog-ng] syslog-ng config file include feature...

Rick Coloccia coloccia at geneseo.edu
Wed Sep 10 20:21:29 CEST 2008

I found in list archives that back in March 2002 there was conversation 
about modifying syslog-ng so that the syslog-ng.conf file could be split 
apart.  Mine is large and unwieldy - I'd like to break it into files for 
each file, or for each set of files, that syslog-ng creates.

In my dhcpd.conf, I have include statements after my global definitions, 
allowing me to split the config apart, guaranteeing changes only in the 
places where I mean them to be.  I'd like to do something like that 
here.  Is there some behavior like this in syslog-ng somewhere?  A quick 
google search and a read of the syslog-ng.conf man page doesn't indicate 
that there is...

I am running 2.1.1 with the patch that came over the list on 9/2/08 on 
CentOS 5.2.

Thanks in advance!


Rick Coloccia,  Jr.
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