[syslog-ng] apache logs over syslog-ng sychronized

Eli Shemer elish at consist.co.il
Wed Sep 3 17:00:19 CEST 2008

Well, perhaps, but I rather also keep the logs on the local machine incase there's some error in the log transfers over syslog-ng, so I'm more comfortable with the current setup.

Right now i'm reading all the data from /etc/apache2/logs/*/*.log as defined by me and send them over the wire to syslog-ng.
Then the goal is to reconstruct all of the logs from the simple log file syslog-ng is writing to on the server side.
Possibly using log_prefix in syslog-ng and cronolog. 

It's vital for me to have on the server side apache logs in this structure: domain-date.log
I'm hoping it wont require any recompilation of any binary file.

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> IMHO it is better to let Apache log via Syslog in the first place.
> Try a httpd.conf line like:
> CustomLog "|/usr/bin/logger -p local1.info -t apache" complete

If you choose that direct-to-syslog path, maybe named pipes create less overhead and give you the flexibility you need to deal with multiple virtual hosts.

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