[syslog-ng] escaping \[ not respected

Fegan, Joe Joe.Fegan at hp.com
Wed Oct 1 17:23:25 CEST 2008

Maybe you need to quote the \ to pass it through to lower layers. Just a thought. Try this:

filter f_conn_from_unk_private {
  not match("unknown\\\[(10\.1\.|10\.2\.|10\.10\.5\.|192\.168\.200)");

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>> targeted string is "unknown[a.b.c.d]"
>> my filter:
>> filter f_conn_from_unk_private { not match
>> ("unknown\[(10\.1\.|10\.2\.|10\.10\.5\.|192\.168\.200)"); };
>> error:
>> Error compiling regular expression;
>> re='[(10.1.|10.2.|10.10.5.|192.168.200)', error='brackets ([
>]) not balanced'
>I can't confirm this behaviour, as the following does work for me:
>filter f_internal_statistics {
>    match("^syslog-ng\[[[:digit:]]+.: STATS") or match ("^syslog-ng\[[[:digit:]]+\]: Log statistics");
>What syslog-ng version are you using? Mine is 2.0.9

Installed with FreeBSD pkg_add from freshports.org, pkg_info shows:

"syslog-ng2-2.0.9_1  A powerful syslogd replacement"

I conclude that I've found a bug in the parsing of the escape sequence "\[" ,  and will look for a work around.


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