[syslog-ng] running syslog-ng and syslogd concurrently?

Matt Camuto mcamuto at hotwire.com
Wed Nov 26 22:52:22 CET 2008

Hi There -

I am new to this group so I thank you in advance for any help. We are in the process of evaluating syslog-ng for a replacement for normal syslogd. However it is desired for a few months to have syslog-ng and syslogd running on the same box with syslog-ng simply not handling the normal 'syslog traffic' (udp/514). We currently have a 30 day eval license to test out syslog-ng. We are using a sun t1000 box as an fyi.

When we install syslog-ng the install script informs us that syslogd will be removed as a service?!?!

Has anybody ever run syslogd (in either agent or server mode) on the same machine with syslogd running. Any guidance there would be highly appreciated. We are not in the position to do a hard cross over to syslog-ng for our production environment.

Thanks in advance.

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