[syslog-ng] importing old syslog-ng messages

Mike mike at jeke.fdns.net
Wed Nov 5 21:51:35 CET 2008


when ever I have to replay old logs back into syslog-ng, I create a FIFO 
on the file system, and make syslog-ng listen to that pipe.

you can then cat which ever old files you have into that pipe, and 
syslog-ng will handle them like they are new.

just make sure that you have syslog-ng configured to use that pipe 
source() when sending it to your database.

I can provide config example of what I just said if you want.


On Wed, 5 Nov 2008, Daniel L. Spells Sr. wrote:

> Sirs,
> Is there a way to import /var/log/messages, created by syslog-ng, into
> syslog-ng to be placed into a database?
> Daniel
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