[syslog-ng] syslog-ng with piped fifo

Fegan, Joe Joe.Fegan at hp.com
Wed May 21 18:17:08 CEST 2008

Should you be using syntax like

# ./script.perl < /tmp/pgsql.pipe

If you're actually typing "/tmp/pgsql.pipe > script.perl" then you're trying to run the pipe (huh?) and send the output of that run into a file called script.perl and you get permission denied because the pipe doesn't have its x (execute) permission bits set (not surprisingly).

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I have setup a syslog-ng server, which I intent to use to filter the
messages from squid.
Currently I filter all the messages from squid and send them to  a pipe.
on the other end of this pipe I have my perl script which formats the
data and stores it into my postgres database.

the problem is that when I try to run /tmp/pgsql.pipe > script.perl I
get the error permission denied.
I run that command as root, the pipe is owned by root, and the owner.
and the same goes for script.perl.

second question: In most tutorials I see for database usage with
syslog-ng everyone used a template insert command with variables. does
anyone know if such variables exist for the squid access logs ?

best wishes

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