[syslog-ng] specify destination filename in message?

Robert Ulbrich rulbrich at capsher.com
Wed May 7 23:51:06 CEST 2008

> Severity and Facility should give you anything you need?  If you need more 
> than that I would recommend you either:
>  * send out your syslog messages on a multicast address
>  * open more ports your syslog server listens on and log different for each 
> 	one, alternatively assign multiple IP's to your syslog server to do 
> 	the same thing if you have to use 514/udp for all messages
> When you say 'arbitrary time', what prompts you system to change?  More 
> details and we might be able to suggest an idea system for you.
I am trying to keep this as general as possible but also give enough 
details so that it is clear what the problem is.

What I would like is to create a "current" log file, which can be named 
according to when the file was created. Then I would like all the 
messages to go to the "current" log file. Then, at an arbitrary time 
(meaning at an event within my app), create a new file and designate it 
as the "current" file so that all messages will now go to it.

Not to stop the genius minds at work, but here is the solution I am 
thinking about:

1. On System startup, create a log file in my log dir with current time 
(e.g. MyAppErrors_SUN_23_03_29)

2. Setup syslog-ng to output to file, lets say MyAppErrors.

3. Create a symbolic link (e.g. MyAppErrors -> MyAppErrors_SUN_23_03_29)

4. Within my app, on the event, call a script which will create a new 
file, say MyAppErrors_MON_01_23_42, relink MyAppErrors to the newly 
created file (e.g. MyAppErrors -> MyAppErrors_MON_01_23_42)

Question: Do I need to "$/usr/bin/killall -HUP syslog-ng" before 
breaking the symbolic link? (I'll start a new thread for this question)

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