[syslog-ng] Solaris 10 non-global zone & syslog-ng performance question.

Surlow, Jim jim_surlow at csgsystems.com
Fri Mar 7 02:35:23 CET 2008



I'm a newbie to syslog-ng.  Everything is working in my environment,
running 2.0.8.  But, when I try to stress the server I drop messages.


I'm running from another physical server:

./loggen -D -s 111 -r 2000 -I 1 <hostname> 514 ; date

average rate = 1818.00 msg/sec, count=1818

Thu Mar  6 18:07:17 MST 2008


The syslog-ng server is in a Solaris 10 non-global zone; my auth.info is
going to /var/adm/ssh_DAY.log.  

date ; tail /var/adm/ssh_06.log | awk '/runid/ {print $9}' | sort -u |
xargs -i egrep {} /var/adm/ssh_06.log | wc -l

Thu Mar  6 18:07:23 MST 2008



So, I'm dropping packets.  I've stopped syslog-ng and started standard
syslog.  Syslog logs all my messages to the file when using a rate of
2000/sec.  As you can from above, in my syslog-ng environment I lose
about a 3rd.  When I use a rate of 1000/sec, it is not quite as bad, but
I do drop a significant amount of messages.


I've read: http://www.l3jane.net/doc/server/syslog-ng/#tuning 


I've toyed with 

log_fifo_size (using values like 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000)

log_fetch_limit (using values like 100, 200, 2000)

sync (using values like 20, 40, 50, 100)


I have "use_dns (no)" - turning that off first.  Also, I commented out
all but two sources, the one filter, the one log line.

source s_ip148 { udp (ip(<x>.<y>.<z>.148)); }; 

source s_ip248 { udp (ip(<x>.<y>.<z>.248)); }; 


<x>, <y>, <z> are obviously replace in our environment with the octets
for the subnet.


Before trying standard syslog, I was running snoop in my global zone to
ensure all the UDP packets were arriving.  The count always matched the
count shown by loggen. 


Since I can see all the messages with standard syslog in this Sol 10
non-global zone, I've ruled out:

*        the zone being an issue.

*        UDP tuning for the Solaris 10 host.

*        The internal hard drive i/o speed from being an issue.


Looking at the log messages, I'm not hitting some cap (e.g. 1233) and
then not logging any more.  Random gaps (both of frequency and size) are
seen throughout.


Can someone give me some pointers?


Thanks in advance,



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