[syslog-ng] logging facility in log file

Jing CDL Sun sjing at cn.ibm.com
Mon Jun 30 17:59:44 CEST 2008

Thank you so much, Sandor.

I will try this method today, and let you know the result..

By the way, is there any material about the usage of macros in templates,
that's very helpful for us to use the syslog-ng tool.

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> Thank you, Sandor.
> I have read the syslog-ng documentation, and only found a
> FACILITY and PRIORITY sample in it, such as:
> destination hosts { file("/var/log/syslogs/$HOST/$FACILITY"
> owner(root) group(root) perm(0600) dir_perm(0700) create_dirs(yes));};
> but my purpose is not to log these message into a file named
> as FACILITY, but to include this FACILITY in my log files,
> for example:
> Jun 25 20:53:34 c890f12ec07 local6:warn|warning c890f12ec07
> root: sunjing test 1
> "local6:warn" is what I wanted in the log file....could you help?

Sorry, I forgot that the doc doesn't provide too much details about
macro usage. You can use these macros in templates too, for example:

destination d_something {
  file( "/var/log/something"



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