[syslog-ng] local6 doesn't seem to work...

ruud.feringa at mondrian.nl ruud.feringa at mondrian.nl
Wed Jun 4 13:21:10 CEST 2008



When I have the following in syslog-ng.conf:


filter f_cyrus   { level(warn, err, crit) and facility(local6); };

destination cyrus { file("/var/log/cyrus.log"); };

log { source(src); filter(f_cyrus); destination(cyrus); };


nothing is being logged in /var/log/cyrus.log


however when I use: 


filter f_cyrus   { level(warn, err, crit) and match("imap"); };


it works fine, why is local6 not working??


(cyrus-imap is default compiled with local6 enabled)


Running on Suse 10.0  ( Cannot upgrade yet :-(  ) with syslog-ng version



Ruud Feringa.

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