[syslog-ng] weird "program name:" shortening to just "name:"

Balazs Scheidler bazsi at balabit.hu
Thu Jul 3 14:15:30 CEST 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 10:53 +0100, Hari Sekhon wrote:
> Hi,
>    I've just noticed something very odd in syslog-ng. It shortens the 
> program name without my consent.
> When I try something like this:
> logger -t 'Oracle Test Version' testing
> I get in the logs:
> Jul  3 10:37:08 hostname Version: testing
> so it has reduced 'Oracle Test Version' to just 'Version' without my 
> permission...
> I've done this same test on another server using the classic version of 
> syslog and it works as expected:
> Jul  3 10:49:06 hostname2 Oracle Test Version: testing
> I have verified this looks broken across 2 syslog-ng servers and my 
> workstation, but I have no idea why. Does syslog-ng have some specific 
> reason for mangling this? Is there a workaround? (other than just 
> changing to Oracle_Test_Version which I have verified works since it's 
> one word)

the grammar of the syslog line format is ambigious. if you have a space
in your application name it is not possible to determine which is the
hostname and which is the application name.

This is a full log message:

Jul 3 10:49:06 hostname2 Oracle: testing

However some syslogds omit the 'hostname2' part, when it becomes:

Jul 3 10:49:06 Oracle: testing

This has to be properly recognized. However given your example of adding
a space:

Jul 3 10:49:06 Oracle Test: testing

This might be interpreted two ways:
  * a message which came from a host named 'Oracle' and an application
called 'Test'
  * a message which came from a syslogd which did not supply the
hostname, the application called 'Oracle Test'

For this very reason syslog-ng supports a regexp called as
"bad_hostnames()". If you specify a regexp that matches known
applications that put space in their name, syslog-ng will properly
recognize the application.

E.g. specify  bad_hostnames("^Oracle") in your global options.


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