[syslog-ng] NetScreen Statistics

lists at grounded.net lists at grounded.net
Thu Jul 3 04:33:24 CEST 2008

> source src_udp { udp(ip(x.x.x.x) port(514)); };
> source src_tcp { tcp(ip(x.x.x.x) port(514) max-connections(250)
> tcp-keep-alive(yes));
> };

Can't seem to get this to work, syslog-ng won't start but then, I'm new to it so am sure I'm just not getting it right.
> So in this case our server listens on port 514/udp and on 54/tcp, on the

The netgear can send in either udp or tcp, I prefer udp but either way, it's not able to receive from the netscreen using defaults at least.

> Is there a blockage in the network somewhere?  Our NetScreen's log via
> their management interface, so the log server has a presence on both the

Not that I know of. If I turn syslog-ng off and fire up syslog, the logging begins just fine and all goes to /var/log/netscreen in my case.


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