[syslog-ng] datetime stamp of syslog-ng...

Anant Athavale asa at isac.gov.in
Wed Jan 2 05:15:28 CET 2008

Dear List,

I am redirecting a system log of one server to a centralized log  
server running syslog-ng.   When we redirect, syslog-ng adds its own  
datetime stamp before the actual log entry for each line.  Due to  
this, one of the log processing software does not recognize the format  
and does not generate any reports.  If I remove those 4 fields (Month  
Name, Date, Year and IP address) for ex: Jan 2 2008  (here is the IP address of the system whose logs are getting  
stored in central log server) that log processing software works as  
expected and generates report.

Is it possible that, I can block those fields getting recorded.  If  
yes, how? and if not, what is the alternative?


Anant Athavale.

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