[syslog-ng] Problem compiling syslog-ng with enable-spoof-source on AIX 5.2

CentralRegion IPAdmin IPADMIN at de.ibm.com
Wed Dec 17 17:20:12 CET 2008


I'm trying to compile syslog-ng.2.1.3 after configuring with 
libnet is a prereq as I have learned, but I can't find any hint how to 
install libnet.
Latest version of libnet is "0.10.11: released 18/02/2003" and it seems 
there is no mailinglist available.
The code comes with some makefile templates such as "beos.mak, djgpp.mak, 
freebsd.mak, linux.mak, mingw.mak, rsxntdj.mak", but none of them works 
with AIX
I have used "GNU Make 3.81" and "gcc version 3.3.2" to compile libnet. All 
are failing.

Do you have any ideas how to get it done?

Thank You!

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