[syslog-ng] Need help to send logs to a different server

Swapna swap_project at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 21:16:45 CET 2008


We have syslog-ng configuration  as follows:

   -  There are 50 clients  communicating to one log server

   -  The  log server is kept in secured place where nobody have access

   -  All the logs  of 50 clients  are coming to the log server  and
      the logs are kept  as follow

          /var/log/syslog-ng/<client host>/extended.log

We want  all the log of each client  to relay into a seperate server live.
Means the  current log  file of each  host will go to the new server  
simultaneously  as  it is going to the central log server.   

We can configure a  second  log server  like the existing one.  But our
requirement  is,  that all the logs will be received from the central log  server not from the client  hosts.

Any help is  really appreciated.



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