[syslog-ng] timestamps

Campbell Simpson Campbell.Simpson2 at telecom.co.nz
Sun Oct 28 20:20:35 CET 2007

Thanks Peter

While it does print both the sent time and received time the time zone info is still not correct.

Here's what I got using template("$R_ISODATE $S_ISODATE $HOST $MSG\n")

2007-10-29T08:10:21+13:00 2007-10-28T19:12:37+13:00 blah blah

Am I misunderstanding what the source time_zone option is meant to do?

source s_net {
        udp(port(514) time_zone(-01:00));

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> We have a central syslog server that we would like to record both the
> timestamp send by the client and the receipt timestamp.
> In other words, a keep_timestamp(yes and no) option.

Just use a template, which uses both the macros R_ISODATE and S_ISODATE
(or any other, see
and use them in a macro eg:

template t_both_timestamps { 
	template("$R_ISODATE $HOST $S_ISODATE $MSG\n"); template_escape(no);



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