[syslog-ng] glibc 2.0.6

Alexander Clouter ac56 at soas.ac.uk
Thu Oct 18 18:02:02 CEST 2007


Balazs Scheidler <bazsi at balabit.hu> [20071018 17:53:47 +0200]:
> static linking won't work accross different major glibc versions, as
> syslog-ng uses NSS libraries that have different binary interfaces and
> can't be linked statically.
> you can recompile syslog-ng on an older system that has old glibc.
> The only problem you can have is glib and friends as older systems
> usually have a too old glib version.
Good point, however a possible workaround is:


Hopefully that will work for you if syslog-ng will not compile (for whatever 
reason) against a really old glibc.



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