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Yüce Sungur Yuce.Sungur at isbank.com.tr
Wed Oct 10 10:43:15 CEST 2007

I am developing  a  reporting application based on  syslog-ng log files,
this is a fw log file, 
there is a  filter in syslog-ng definition matching the "teardown" keyword, then it writes to a pipe
and there is my perl  code running in background and parsing the logs and inserts to db,
when I check for the log file with grep -c -i teardown  and my db entries there is a difference of % 0.3
you think  using program() in syslog-ng is more efficient than reading pipe,or instead of reading a pipe and filtering with syslog-ng, I can tail with perl the log file, and filter by perl?
any ideas??
and maximum log entries per second is around 500  and filetred results must be the half,,


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