[syslog-ng] destination socket solaris 10 binding failure

chris cobucci cobucci_chris at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 30 18:22:29 CET 2007

Dear users:
my first post, so please let me know if I commit some fo-paw.
can you let me know if I am mis-configuring something here -- it's my first attempt at using destination sockets:
system: sun solaris 10 (sparc)
software: syslog-ng.2.0.5
(no extra-ordinary compile options)
/usr/local/etc/syslog-ng.conf (pertinent lines only)
destination poe { unix-dgram("/tmp/poeunixsocket"); };
log { source(s_sys); destination(poe); };
socket file is 
srwxr-xr-w root root           0 poeunixsocket
I figured with no listener, ng would just buffer.
starting ng (as root) I get:
Error binding socket; addr='AF_UNIX(anonymous)', error='Is a directory (21)'
Initiating connection failed, reconnecting; time_reopen='10'
I've tried unix-stream as well to no avail.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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