[syslog-ng] Redirect syslog-ng to ttyS0

Vidar Tyldum Hansen vidar at tyldum.com
Wed Nov 28 14:46:47 CET 2007

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Jumping in on this thread!

> On Sun, 2007-11-18 at 19:39 +0100, Kjell Danielsen wrote:
>> Here is a new trace. I start the trace before I logged in on ttyS0.
>> After I logged in the syslog output to ttyS0 stops, and I have to
>> restart the server to get the syslog output on ttyS0.
>> Kjell
> the reason syslog-ng stops, because it receives a POLLERR/POLLHUP event
> in this case:
> poll([{fd=13, events=0, revents=POLLERR|POLLHUP
> Hm... did syslog-ng report any kind of error in this case? I'm expecting
> an 
>       msg_error("EOF occurred while idle",
>                 evt_tag_int("fd", self->fd->fd),
>                 NULL);
> or, a
>         msg_error("I/O error occurred while writing",
>                   evt_tag_int("fd", fd->fd),
>                   evt_tag_errno(EVT_TAG_OSERROR, errno),
>                   NULL);
> message. I can't see anything like this in the stace file, but maybe you
> are not reading the internal() log source?

I am a distant colleague of Kjell and put together a labtest for this
case. I can confirm the behaviour and the strace ending with
POLLERR/POLLHUP, and no errors given from syslog-ng.

I see that syslog-ng changes permissions on /dev/ttyS= and when you log
in on the console port 'login' or 'agetty' changes the permissions again
causing syslog-ng to stop.

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