[syslog-ng] IPv6 Link local address use with syslog-ng

Balazs Scheidler bazsi at balabit.hu
Tue Nov 20 11:55:56 CET 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 12:57 -0500, Philip Bellino wrote:
> Simon,
> I tried  "tcp6(ip(fe80::220:abff:febe:4dac%eth0) port(1468));" in my earlier testing and received the syslog error:
> "Error binding socket" addr='AF_INET6(fe80::220:abff:febe:4dac)', error='Invalid argument (22)'

It does not work yet, Simon has only suggested a configuration
interface. Can you enlighten me what is a link-local address? Am I right
to assume that it is an address that can only be used on the local LAN?

Can you explain why it is useful? (to restrict packets to the local
LAN?) syslog-ng supports an option named ip_ttl() and it lets you set
the maximum hop count on the packet. Isn't this a substitute?

Can you point me to a package that supports link-local addresses?


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