[syslog-ng] about unix-dgram

Evan Rempel erempel at uvic.ca
Mon Nov 19 06:03:34 CET 2007

We do this by using the "pipe" destination for syslog-ng and then use a second
copy of syslog-ng to read from the pipe with a destination of program.
This requires the program to be able to read data from the standard in.

For the curious, we do this to seperate the filtering and formating of data
to the program from the base system syslog service (handling messages from /var/log etc)
so that we can stop/start the program without having to start/stop the system syslog


hi ro wrote:
> Hi,
> Can I use "unix-dgram" as a destination config over RedHatLinux(RHEL ES version4 update5).
> I want to do following.
> 1. syslog-ng server receive syslog-message.
> 2. syslog-ng server write the message to a fifo pipe.
> (I want to config destination using unix-dgram.)
> 3. client-ap read the message from the fifo pipe.
> (I think client-ap can read messages one by one using unix-dgram.) 
> Thanks
> hiro
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