[syslog-ng] About lost of messages after syslog-ng stop

Frank Abel Cancio Bello frankabel at tesla.cujae.edu.cu
Tue Nov 13 20:18:36 CET 2007

Hi all!

What can I do to avoid that when I stop my syslog-ng client and apache
server still logging to its files not lost all those messages? I mean,
in the time that the syslog-ng client was not running, the apache
continue working and logging data, but when I start the syslog client it
don't send to the syslog-ng server the messages that apache logging when
it was stopped.

Here is part of what I think relevant of my configuration file:

# apache message source
source s_apache {
# Apache2 access log source.
log_prefix("apache_access: ")

# Apache2 access log source.
log_prefix("apache_error: ")

# central log server
destination d_tcp { tcp("" port(514)); };

# apache logs to central server.
log {

All work fine, just worry about the lost of messages in case that the
communication with syslog-ng server fail. I know that Premium Edition
have the log_disk_fifo_size(), but that is the only way of do this?
Nobody have a workaround for this so necessary feature using the Open
Source Edition?

Frank Abel


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