[syslog-ng] Constant disconnects

Evan Rempel erempel at uvic.ca
Thu Jun 28 04:21:59 CEST 2007

I added a line to the /etc/hosts.allow file on the syslog-ng server.


where the .uvic.ca domain is the scope of the client syslog-ng machines. You setting will be different.

As a quick test, you could add the line


If things start to work then you know this is the cause and you can lock down the connection
a little better.

You could also compile syslog-ng without tcp wrappers support, but that would have to be installed onto
the syslong-ng server.


Tim Boyer wrote:
>>I started seeing this kind of behaviour on my syslog-ng 
>>clients when I updated my syslog-ng server
>>to 2.0.4 and tracked it down to the newely added support of 
>>TCPWrappers. There was no clue on the
>>client machines since the rejection occured on the syslog-ng server.
>>Just adding my $0.02 so that nothing was overlooked.
> Evan -
> What did you have to do to get it going again?
> -- tim --
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