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Hope This will help you to compile Sysylog-ng for proper fuctioning.  Compilation Procedure   Below are the steps, which are required to complete the compilation.
  1.         Create the appropriate directory tree in /opt/soe/local for syslog-ng
  Note: Download the latest source code for eventlog and Syslog-ng. Before compiling the Syslog-ng  we need to compile eventlog, which is required for Syslog-ng to function properly.
  Compiling eventlog
  1.      Go to eventlog source directory
  2.      Cd  eventlog_src_dir
  3.        ./configure --prefix=/opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-2.0.2/eventlog
  4.        make
  5.        make install
  Compiling Syslog-ng
  1.      Go to Syslog-ng source directory
  2.        Cd  syslog_ng_src_dir
  3.        ./configure --enable-static-linking --prefix=/opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-2.0.2 EVTLOG_CFLAGS=/opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-2.0.2/eventlog/include   EVTLOG_LIBS=/opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-2.0.2/eventlog/lib
  4.      make
  5.     make install
  Note: on HP, it requires to be compiling with dynamic options as:
  ./configure --enable-dynamic-linking --prefix=/opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-2.0.2 EVTLOG_CFLAGS=/opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-2.0.2/eventlog/include   EVTLOG_LIBS=/opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-2.0.2/eventlog/lib
  CSC Noida

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1. Re: configure error (ictforever)


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Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 17:09:26 +0800
From: ictforever 
Subject: Re: [syslog-ng] configure error
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> Any advice and suggestion are appreciated.Thanks

Did you export the environment variable? Check that

# pkg-config eventlog --cflags

returns anything at all. If it doesn't, investigate why (strace and
friends could help here)

here are envs:

[root at test syslog-ng-2.0.4]# pkg-config eventlog --cflags

but there is the same error:
checking for GLIB... yes
checking for EVTLOG... no
configure: error: Cannot find eventlog version >= 0.2: is pkg-config in

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